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    yellowblue’s multi-layer insulation products are revolutionary in the growing reflective insulation market. Our products are extremely durable and provide many useful applications based on your particular insulation needs. Multi-layer insulation products help homeowners by reducing the cost of heating and cooling for their homes, creating a more comfortable living environment.

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Multi-Layer Insulation Features

  • Easy Installation

    Most installations can be completed in less than a single day and can be done year round.

  • NASA Developed Technology

    Based on a patented, non-toxic, closed-cell NASA developed honey comb technology.

  • Tested, Proven, & Backed

    Scientifically designed and tested for performance and durability, with long-term product warranties.

Durable enough for outer space.

Designed to withstand extreme heat and cold conditions, over 99% pure aluminum

How Does the yellowblue™ Multi-Layer Insulation Work?

  • yellowblue‘s multi-layer reflective insulation blanket (based on different installation methods) improves the performance of mass insulation by increasing the thermal efficiency and reducing radiant, conduction, and convection heat transfer. Our multi-layer insulation blanket employs two highly reflective aluminum surfaces to resist radiant heat transfer, a feature not offered by traditional mass insulation.  These reflective surfaces are joined by a blanket type substance.  The EcoShield reflective blanket, developed by Environmentally Safe Products, has a center core that is based on a patented, non-toxic, closed-cell NASA developed honey comb technology that helps to prevent conductive and convective heat transfer in addition to the radiant heat benefits.

  • Adding this technology between the two outer layers of aluminum creates a compound effect on the blanket’s performance and separates us from the competitors because we are more than just a barrier.  This ensures the design to be resistant to the transfer of radiant heat (99% aluminum blocks up to 97% of radiant heat transfer). All of our multi-layer insulation products are able to offer an unmatched combination of radiant, conductive, and convective resistance – making homes more comfortable at a noticeably lower cost in your utility bill.  In addition to all the reflective properties, our patented technologies can add an additional R-value to your insulation.  (See product charts for details.)