Insulating Paints by Yellowblue: Easy and Efficient

Improving comfort, minimizing utility fees and reducing your own personal carbon footprint are all excellent reasons to think about insulation. But installing traditional forms of insulation into the walls of an existing home can become very challenging.

The most experienced experts often agree: it is almost impossible to guarantee the complete insulation of wall interiors. This is due to difficulties in getting behind the walls without destroying them. Even then, you don’t know what you’re going to find and how much costs you might incur.

So we ask ourselves, in this age of energy and ecological consciousness, what can be done?

As it turns out, Invisaflects Insulating Paints from Yellowblue Eco Tech provides a wonderful alternative to traditional insulation. Innovative and economical–who could have ever imagined that painting your home could provide insulation, increase energy efficiency and save you money?

As the cost of electricity continues to rise, it becomes more important to seek alternative resources to save money and energy. Consumers are lucky to have so many energy efficient choices available to them.

Heat reflective insulating paints are a growing energy savings option worth heavy consideration. And for good reason!

Benefits of insulating paints:

  • Provides insulation where traditional installation methods are not feasible
  • Helps conserve energy
  • Reduces electric bills
  • Dampens noise
  • Beautifies your home

Because these insulating paints are non-toxic and are resistant to ultra violet rays and atmospheric pollution, they are a safe way to help provide year round comfort without worry.

Insulating paints require no special application directions and are easy to use. Since they dry quickly, a second coat can be applied sooner and you can worry less about smudges.

These insulating ceramic based paints consist of miniscule ceramic orbs capable of invisibly reflecting radiant heat from natural sources, such as sunlight or your home’s heating sources.

When these paints are used as a thermal primer, they create a thin, tight, vacuum barrier that can slow down the transfer of heat or cold. In addition, insulating paints are non-toxic and can be safely and effectively used on any surface.

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    Because Invisaflects Insulating Paints by Yellowblue Eco Tech are designed to help keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, it can help you reduce energy consumption therefore saving you money on your monthly energy bills.

    In addition, heat reflective paints have the potential to offset carbon emissions. So, whether you value your dollar, your environment (or both!), when considering energy saving products for your home, it’s worth looking into. Invisaflects paint and the host of other eco-friendly products available from yellowblue.

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