Hot Water Heater Wraps


Are you afraid of getting into hot water? Can you afford to stay there?

Here is one way to tell. Simply put, it’s all in the touch.

That’s the key to knowing if your hot water heater is efficiently insulated. A hot water heater that is warm to the touch may need insulation. Actually, it makes sense: Just as we insulate our homes, our roofs ― even some of our clothing, our hot water heaters may require insulation, as well. Wrapping a hot water heater will enable it to function at full capacity, conserve energy and minimize unnecessary utility fees. Most American homes utilize gas hot water heaters, however nearly 40% are equipped with electric ones. Although some consumers believe that because their electric hot water heaters were more expensive to purchase, they were equipped with better insulation. Unfortunately, that is false. If uninsulated, electric hot water heaters are just as susceptible to heat and efficiency loss as gas powered ones.

Your hot water-heater’s quality and location are two additional factors to consider regarding an insulating wrap. An average priced water heating tank, whether gas or electric powered, located in a garage, basement or any other area that is significantly cooler than the rest of the home, will lose a considerable amount of heat on an ongoing basis. This heat loss can result in an increase to your utility bill.

Smile…there is a solution. yellowblue’s Hot Water Heater Wraps have been tested and proven to improve the efficiency of your hot water heater. By limiting heat-loss they can reduce energy bills and while doing so, potentially extend the life of your water heater. Made in America, water heater wraps from yellowblue are durable yet light-weight, hypo-allergenic, completely safe to handle and easy to install.

What’s better than a hot bath or shower to relax those muscles and ease away those aches and pains after a long hard day? Make sure you can count on your hot water heater to come through when you need it most. Let yellowblue help you be in hot water without being in hot water.

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