Healthy Attic Quiz


No matter what the season, the proper sealing and insulation of your attic will give you a healthier, cleaner, more comfortable and energy efficient home. Take our 10 question healthy attic quiz to see just how efficient your attic is!

  1. Do you notice a difference in temperature from room to room?
  2. Are some rooms in your home overly drafty?
  3. Do you notice a rapid accumulation of dust?
  4. Does your heater turn-on more frequently than it should?
  5. Is the heated air in your home overly dry, causing you to become stuffy?
  6. Does your present attic insulation contain asbestos?
  7. Do you ever hear critters in your attic?
  8. Do you ever notice leakage stains in your attic?
  9. Does your air-conditioner recycle too often?
  10. Would you like to lower your heating and cooling bills?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, the key to remediation just might be the insulation of your attic.  You see, just insulating your attic is not enough.  The type and quality of your insulation can make all the difference. First and foremost, insulation should be healthy.  Many homes are insulated with asbestos containing products that pose a significant health hazard if the particles are inhaled.  Also, this insulation is not impervious to vermin infestation and nesting.

Today, there is a NASA inspired multi-layer insulation product from yellowblue™ that can properly seal and insulate your attic enabling you to have a healthier home that is not only more comfortable but far more energy efficient.  If you’d like to be able to answer every question in the above quiz with a resounding “NO”, the answer is an eco-friendly, flame retardant, multi- layer insulated and sealed attic from yellowblue™.

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