Two Steps to a Healthier Attic and More Cost-Efficient Home

This year, why not reward your health and your wallet for decades to come?  Your home should be your sanctuary…the place where you feel comfortable and safe.  But is it?  Often, there are invisible issues…things we rarely consider…that impact the comfort and health of our home and family every single day.  The most impressive zip code, the most elegant furnishings and the most perfectly manicured lawn mean nothing if you live in an unhealthy environment.

Just recently, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a report indicating that the condition of your attic affects the overall health of your home. A simple two pronged attic system can reduce the problems resulting from an unhealthy attic while making your home more comfortable and energy efficient.  Just think: a safer home environment and lower utility bills.  Wouldn’t you like to hear more?

The signs of a poorly insulated attic are everywhere, yet most of us never give them a second thought, preferring assume they are commonplace.  Actually, they are…but they shouldn’t be. Just because you have attic insulation, doesn’t mean it’s doing its job. Here are a few examples:

  • Uneven temperatures from room to room
  • Rapidly accumulating dust
  • Moisture issues in the attic
  • High heating and air conditioning bills.

Collectively or independently, these issues can represent inadequate attic insulation or improper ventilation systems. When having insulation installed, you need to consider the type and quality you want in your home. Many popular types of insulation are composed of fiberglass, while older products has asbestos. Both of these products pose health risks if they become airborne.  For all the reasons we’ve referenced, may we suggest:


Step 1- Multi-layer Attic Insulation:

yellowblue’s state of the art Multi-layer Insulation products are non-toxic, fire resistant and facilitates the resistance of radiant, conductive, and convective heat. This helps to produce a more even level of comfort throughout your home while potentially decreasing the cost of your utility bills.


Step 2- A Solar Powered Attic Fan

A properly installed yellowblue solar-powered attic fan can provide significant benefits to your home.  It reduces the temperature in your attic during times of extreme heat, and helps reduce humidity and moisture issues year-round. This, in turn, decrease the potential for mold and mildew while making your home more energy efficient.  Also, because they are powered by the sun, solar attic fans cost nothing to operate.

This year, why not give yourself, your home and your family the gift of comfort, safety and savings. Follow the EPA’s advice and Rule Your Attic, by insulating, sealing and ventilating.

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