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3 Things We Learned From Roofing Contractor’s State of the Industry Report

Every year Roofing Contractor gets together with BNP Media Research to develop a State of the Roofing Industry Report.

This year’s report explored key trends in the residential and commercial roofing markets. In addition, the 2016 report included information from a survey of residential and commercial contractors that focused on sales, marketing trends and identifying key problems facing the roofing industry. It also provided insight on how roofing contractors can overcome these and other obstacles to help improve their businesses and maximize opportunities in 2016.

Below are 3 things that we learned as an organization from the 2016 State of the Industry Report.

Yellowblue is in a good place with solar…

The residential solar market is already a $7 billion dollar industry. With the extension of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), solar power will receive a huge boost. In fact, per Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the tax credits, valued at about $25 billion over five years, will drive $38 billion of investment in solar. Think about this: Major League Baseball (MLB) in its entirety is valued at $36 Billion. Solar is growing so fast that, in terms of financial value, it could eventually surpass America’s Pastime!

Fortunately, Yellowblue is ahead of the game. We have invested heavily in developing industry leading photovoltaic (PV) products. All of our Roof Mount Solar Fans qualify for the 26% investment tax credit for renewables. In addition, some states offer additional incentives. For instance, Indiana allows taxpayers who install a solar powered attic fan in their dwelling a tax deduction. The deduction is for 50% the cost of the materials and installation labor, up to $1,000. To get a better understanding on your State’s available incentives, check out our Database of Solar Attic Fan Incentives. With all the financial incentives, selling and installing solar products has never been easier for our authorized independent dealers and roofing partners.

In home selling is more important than ever…

Both digital and physical attributes are important to integrate into a sales model. However, 85% of consumers like to still touch and feel a product*. We have seen this first hand at Yellowblue. Once a homeowner sees the beautiful aesthetics of our solar attic fans, including the embedded panel design, they are immediately intrigued. They can see, and literally feel the quality of the product. Once engaged, independent authorized dealers can easily educate the consumer on the many benefits of Yellowblue’s solar attic fans.


Even at times, when the natural light is strong enough in a home, we have seen our solar attic fans start to work as soon as we pull it out of the box! This is always a crowd-pleaser and a sales tool that would not work without product on-hand. For our roofing partners to be successful in the home, we will help them tailor solutions to the reality of housing differentials. We all know that no two homes are the same. At Yellowblue, we have a full line of solar attic fan solutions including solar powered gable and tilt fans to meet the needs of unique applications. Having a variety of products to accommodate different needs helps position our partners for success.

To be a true valued partner, we need to provide more than just solar attic fans…

As discussed by Roofing Contractor, there are many opportunities and challenges that residential roofing professionals face. Financing, online and security, hiring and production, and code changes are just a few to consider. Today, new tools are available for roofers to enhance their business and operations such as aerial measurement tools, estimating software, CRM software, cloud computing, and drones. It is an exciting time to be a roofer—there is no doubt about that.

We know our solar attic fans fit into this excitement and help roofer’s overcome many challenges. In fact, we have had many conversations on social media, and offline, to confirm this excitement. We also know that solar attic fans and attic ventilation systems make up one component of a roofing system, and a roofer’s business. That is why we need to explore different ways to provide unparalleled support.


Above photo of F4 Mega Conference, March 10, 2016, which included sales trainings, award ceremonies, announcements, and much more.

Do not get us wrong: We do not have any immediate plans on becoming experts in shingles and materials—that is where we rely on our partners for expertise. We know that our strengths are in our products and people. Sales training, such as in-home coaching, and the ability to provide additional energy saving products, including our multi-layer insulation, are unique differentiators for us. These opportunities and assets in combination with our solar attic fans will help us provide absolute value.

Why did a non-roofing company attend a webinar about the State of the Roofing Industry?

At Yellowblue Eco Tech, we do not build roofs or install roofing systems. We manufacture, distribute and install high-efficiency Roof Mount Solar Fans. Our products provide the necessary ventilation to maintain and prolong the health of a roofing system. Working with roofing professionals is important for us at Yellowblue. We rely on the industry for knowledge and experience to enhance our sales process and expand our network. In turn, we are able to provide turnkey products and support that can impact the bottom line, and increase the overall value of a roofing contractor’s business.

Attending Roofing Contractor’s webinar was a no-brainer for us at Yellowblue. We are happy that we attended and we are motivated to continue learning. The challenges that affect our partners and friends in the roofing industry are Yellowblue challenges. With a better understanding of key trends and issues, especially within the residential sector, we can build better systems, and provide new products and opportunities that meet the demands of our roofing partners and overcome these challenges collectively. If you are interested in selling and installing Roof Mount Solar Fans, please visit Solar Fans For Roofers.

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