Customer Testimonials

Leonard Sholes

Marion, Iowa

“You don’t have to tell me it works, I know it works.”

Retired Heat Transfer Engineer with 35 years experience in
Heat Transfer Science at Rockwell Collins

Paul Hartman

Oelwein, Iowa

  • Retired mechanical engineer, still helps his denomination build churches all over Iowa
  • Could only cover half of his house.  Had 2 feet of fibreGlass batting,
  • 2 window AC’s stopped running immediately
  • Saved 23 % his first winter. Adjusted for a year over temperature variance.

Lucy Harrison

Clinton, Iowa

  • 50% savings in February
  • Already had aluminum facing on drywall
  • Liked it so much bought again for garage
  • Walked in the house during 90/90 weather and it was completely comfortable…


Pat Nelson

Aleido, Texas

  • 1 four ton and 1 three ton air conditioners
  • 18 inches of insulation
  • 90 degrees, AC only ran from about 3:15-3:30 PM for the WHOLE DAY.
  • “I can easily see it will never take 72 months to get my investment back”

Robin Nelson

Hillsboro, Wisconsin

“The attic blanket that I had installed in October of 2010 helped tremendously lower my heating bills. I was able to have my thermostat at 62 degrees all winter long with my highest bill between December and March only being $179.00. Most of those months, it hung around $150.00. Not bad that the home felt warm as if I had set the temp at 72 degrees as I had to do in the past.”

Jeffrey Brantley

Mahomet, IL

“We recently added the solar blanket to our attic and there is a world of difference in our home.  The air temperature is more consistent throughout the house and neither the furnace nor AC run half as much as before. We could not be more pleased with the purchase and highly recommend this to anyone who wishes to reduce their power bills while enjoying a more comfortable home.”