Electricity shortage is the major obstacle for investors

Mr. Isamu Wakamatsu, Director of Asia Pacific Ocean of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) said these words on meeting with journalists of ten ASEAN nations at the headquarters of JETRO, Tokyo on 11 December.

At present ASEAN+10 is the biggest trade partner after China and the regional bloc have traded over US $ 90 billion this year, according to figure released in October 2013. This equates to 15 percent of Japan’s trade volume. For the individual importing country in ASEAN, Malaysia and Indonesia are the largest importers next to Japan while Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore and Brunei listed among the top 50 countries.

According to the survey conducted by JETRO, beside the shortage of electricity, high production cost, lack of skillful workers, difficulties in getting raw materials, and scarcity in basic needs listed one after another in the survey.

“Myanmar has the most prospects in South East Asia at the same time, shortage of electricity is the biggest barrier for those want to do business in Myanmar,” said Mr. Isamu Wakamatsu when asked by the Daily Eleven reporter.

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