The Yellowblue Standard

  • Industry Leading Practices

    “The Yellowblue Standard” is yellowblue™ Eco Tech’s commitment to sustained excellence. 

    As a leader in the green energy and healthy home solutions industry, yellowblue™ sets an industry standard for best practices. The Yellowblue Standard represents the benchmark we set for quality and it guides our everyday practices. It allows us to conduct business efficiently and offer consistent results for homeowners and commercial customers.

    Using this standard, our professionals are consistently able to identify the problems inside of homes, compile a clear list of issues, and provide reliable solutions based on the unique conditions of each building.

    The inclusion of new industry recommendations, along with the latest tools, equipment, and technologies, helps yellowblue™ Eco Tech, along with its independently authorized dealers, stay up to date.

    Our dealers have conducted tens of thousands of installations across North America, offering the best solutions and products available. As an industry-leading company, and as healthy home professionals, we take pride in providing efficiency and consistency in everything we do.

    It is this unwavering dedication that allows us to stay above the rest and on the cutting edge of new practices.

  • What The Yellowblue Standard Provides

    Expertise — In addition to online portal training, each independent authorized dealer has the opportunity to take part in formal training at yellowblue’s™ training headquarters in Dallas, Texas. This training offers instruction on yellowblue™ products so that best practices can be used to enhance customer satisfaction and sales success.

    Standardization— We want our commitment to excellence to stay consistent no matter the size of our company. As we continue to grow, the Yellowblue Standard guides our administrative processes and allows us to lay out expectations and standards in our dealer contracts with each independent authorized dealership across North America. 

    Unmatched Customer Service — Every dealer has the opportunity to take part in customer service education focused around ethics and the assurance of outstanding customer satisfaction.

  • Yellowblue Standard Training

    We know customer satisfaction is not possible without team member buy-in and setting expectations. The Yellowblue Standard emphasizes homeowner satisfaction, and that begins with proper training.

    New yellowblue™ independent authorized dealers are offered high-end training materials to further their own knowledge. In-person training, educational videos, new articles, and curated online resource tools are all available for yellowblue™ independent authorized dealers. We offer every dealer the most up-to-date information on products and methodology so they can turn around and offer that knowledge to individual homeowners in their local area.

    We know that green healthy home solutions energy will help make the world a cleaner and healthier place, but we also know the world needs trained professionals to install those green technologies. The Yellowblue Standard starts with our specialized training platform made available to our network of healthy home professionals.

  • Growing Together Through Our Standard

    As an expanding company with many dealers, we pride ourselves on offering a consistent experience to our customers no matter their location. The Yellowblue Standard allows us to set forth expectations for each and every dealer.

    Our independent authorized dealerships are self-motivated and value new best practices. Implementing the newest products and equipment has a direct and positive effect on each yellowblue™ associate’s commitment to excellence.

    Company-wide contests, promotions, and awards keep the yellowblue™ community strong and thriving. Meanwhile, our online resources provide a continuously updated resource for our community to easily reference.

  • Inspections — The Yellowblue Standard in Action

    Yellowblue™ Eco Tech is committed to upholding the highest inspection standards in the industry. Whether it is for residential customers or commercial customers, the Yellowblue Standard guides us in every aspect of our operations.

    Our commitment to using the highest quality assessment tools and methods ensures that each customer is as informed as possible.

    Yellowblue™ independent authorized dealers offer specific insight regarding the health and condition of the building/home.  After initial inspection, our healthy home experts make the issues and solution opportunities within the building clear for the owner, using their technical knowledge and experience.

How We Conduct Inspections

Our trained independent authorized dealers offer thorough inspections and use the best products and equipment available. These include:

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Moisture Meters

Radon Monitors

Infrared Thermometers

Our independent authorized dealers use these tools to provide clear diagnostics on the health of the home. They then utilize their findings to make proper recommendations for energy efficiency improvements, enhanced in-home comfort, and a healthier environment. Each home is different, so recommendations are based on a professional assessment.

Continuous Improvement

The Yellowblue Standard is a continuously improving core value.

Through continuous feedback and insights from internal and external professionals combined with staying in-tune with emerging technologies, the Yellowblue Standard stays based in facts and backed by our actual experience in the field.

Ultimately, our assessment data — comprised of homes assessed, efficiency and comfort improvements made to homes, dealer feedback, and direct customer feedback — will allow the Yellowblue Standard to be the industry standard and will allow yellowblue™ Eco Tech to continue making the world a cleaner, healthier place to live.

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