Solar Powered Attic Fans

The World’s Most Advanced High-Efficiency Solar Powered Ventilation Systems

  • Solar Fan Overview

    yellowblue solar fans are advanced high efficiency solar attic ventilation systems.  yellowblue’s Solar Fan guarantees better air performance because of the Maximum Power Point Technology Feature. This helps maintain the highest possible air flow under all solar conditions by utilizing all the power available from the solar panel to set the highest fan speed.

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  • How Solar Fans Work

    A solar powered attic fan provides constant steady air flow throughout your attic. As result, stale warm air is vented out giving more room for fresh cool air, also known as “air exchange.” A properly ventilated attic will help reduce your energy costs and reduce the temperature in your home in the summer, and keep your home warmer in the winter.

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Yellowblue Solar Fans

  • Solar Fan – Standard Roof Mount

    This high-profile fan is a powerful solution for ventilating your attic and reducing heat and moisture buildup. Its sleek design, durable construction, and efficient operation make it an ideal choice for homeowners looking to improve their home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

  • Solar Fan – Adjustable Panel

    Square solar panels are perfect for any installation that requires pointing the panel towards the sun for better performance. 35-degree tilt makes it perfect for less than ideal fan locations.

  • Solar Fan – Gable Roof Mount

    Can be mounted inside the attic over an existing gable vent or roof penetration to supercharge the vents already there. Remains hidden and out of the weather, save for the remote mounted solar panel. No large holes to cut into your roof.

  • Solar Fans: Features & Benefits

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    All yellowblue solar fans come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Designed by Experts

    Using airflow technology and years of aerodynamic engineering experience.

  • Built to Last

    Removes heat and moisture, fireproof with no plastic parts.

Modeled after jet aircraft engine intake and exhaust systems.

The internal cowling, with its aerodynamic curves and tooling, provides the least amount of airflow resistance, maximizing air exchanges and reducing noise. Modeled after jet aircraft engine intake and exhaust systems, with specific curves on both the base and hood, you get a more efficient airflow and a whisper quiet operation. Constructed of aircraft grade spun aluminum, you won’t need to worry about rust or expansion issues in diverse weather.

Motor, Fan, Housing & Flashing System: All yellowblue solar fans come with high performance DC brushless motors designed to automatically adjust the fan speed to the amount of sunlight. The yellowblue motor is high-efficiency and maintenance free with a long service life (expected life span of 35 years). The fan blades are designed specifically for each system and pitched for maximum air flow to operate whisper quiet throughout the day.

The yellowblue solar fan housing and flashing are made from aircraft grade spun-formed aluminum for the utmost quality protection. The inner housing system is aerodynamically designed to produce the highest possible radial air exhaust. The outer shell is powder coated and aesthetically pleasing.

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The time is now to start thinking about being proactive about attic ventilation in your home, especially in homes where passive ventilation, like ridge vents and soffits, are not enough. Investing in solar attic fans is a cost-effective to save money, extend the lifespan of your roof and keep your family comfortable year-round. If you would like to receive a free quote on our products from a local authorized Yellowblue dealer, please click the button below. Your local dealer will evaluate your roof and other characteristics of your home to help determine the best application and sizing for maximum ventilation benefits.

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Disclaimer: Yellowblue is committed to offering only the highest quality products designed to conserve energy, save money, and create a more comfortable and healthy environment.

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