Invisaflects® Paint

The easiest insulation you will ever install.

invisaflectsInvisaflects® insulative paint by yellowblue Eco Tech will enable your insulation to operate at optimum performance and secure a significantly more comfortable environment. It’s safe and non-toxic and it’s ready to use on any surface.

Energy Savings

Invisaflects® White Light Scene™, Silver Bullet™, or Angel Air™ paints by yellowblue help you insulate and save money in areas where traditional insulation won’t work.  Significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs both summer and winter.

Proven Testing

NASA and many other reputable organizations have validated the science of ceramics and the properties of aluminum in the areas of heat transfer and control. Yes, it is rocket science! Without the proven success of ceramics and utilization of aluminum, the space shuttle program could have failed.

How does it work?

Invisaflects® White Light Scene™ or Angel Air™ paints by yellowblue™ have unique energy saving properties. These insulative paints are ceramic based and/or aluminum-based used to reflect heat and provide a unique and highly effective barrier that slows the transfer of radiant heat. The hollow ceramic microspheres reflect heat from sources such as direct sunlight or your home’s heating sources and causes you to feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

White Light Scene™

The particles in Invisaflects® White Light Scene™ ceramic heat reflecting paint improve your home’s insulation by adding a thermal barrier to refract, reflect and dissipate heat.  Ceramic is known for its heat reflecting properties and is used in the space shuttle and various other applications.

Angel Air™

Invisaflects® Angel Air paint by yellowblue gives you an additional advantage.  Not only does it help create an additional thermal barrier, it also ionizes the air to help reduce bacteria levels and is considered an antimicrobial.   Three of the top five best air purifiers carrier negative ion features. Every inch of anion painted surface produces anions 24/7.

This fits right in with yellowblue‘s mission of Conserving Energy, Saving Money and Protecting the Environment.