How Does a Solar Powered Attic Fan Work?

A solar powered attic fan provides constant steady air flow throughout your attic. As result, stale warm air is vented out giving more room for fresh cool air, also known as “air exchange.” Your attic should never be hotter than 10-25° above the outside air temperature in the summer time. A properly ventilated attic will help reduce your energy costs and reduce the temperature in your home in the summer, and keep your home warmer in the winter because the insulation will be dryer thus improving the R Value.


How a Solar Powered Attic Fan Works in the Summer

Installing a Yellowblue Solar Powered Attic Fan on your roof can be very beneficial for your home. Our energy efficient Solar Powered Attic Fans operate during the day, completely powered by the sun, extracting the warm air from your attic. During the hot summer months, your attic can reach temperatures of 160°F and above. Yellowblue’s Solar Powered Attic Fans work by expelling this hot air and returning your attic’s space closer to the outside ambient temperature. Our Solar Powered Attic Fans operate completely off solar energy, pulling the outside air in through existing static and soffit vents. By pulling from this external air source, the attic fan will extract the hot, humid air up through the fan and create a constant exchange of air in your attic.


How a Solar Powered Attic Fan Works in the Winter

In the colder winter months, warm moist air rises from inside your home and collides with the cold underside of the roof. Yellowblue Solar Powered Attic Fans provide circulation that prevents the moist air from condensing on the surface, keeping your attic cooler and drier. By installing a Yellowblue Solar Powered Attic Fan you will not only be creating a more pleasant living space but you will be protecting your roof, framing and attic from excessive heat and moisture.

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