How Many Solar Attic Fans Do I Need?

The amount of solar attic fans a home needs will ultimately depend on many factors. Vaulted ceilings, obstructions, and the amount of existing ventilation from soffit vents, ridge vents and gable vents should all be considered. This will make determining the quantity, type, and placement of solar fans much easier and more effective.

Solar Attic Fan Sizing Charts

The below solar attic fan sizing charts should be used as a general guideline. These are estimates based on square footage and roof pitch.  To determine how many fans are needed for your home contact us, and we will have your local independent authorized yellowblue™ dealer reach out to you directly.

  • roof-solar-fan-pitch

    Low Slope

    Up to 4/12

  • Square FootageSolar Attic Fans
    800 ft1 Attic Fan
    1200 ft1 Attic Fan
    1600 ft2 Attic Fans
    2000 ft2 Attic Fans
    2400 ft3 Attic Fans
  • roof-solar-fan-pitch-2

    Medium Slope

    5/12 – 8/12

  • Square FootageSolar Attic Fans
    800 ft1 Attic Fan
    1200 ft2 Attic Fans
    1600 ft2 Attic Fans
    2000 ft3 Attic Fans
    2400 ft4 Attic Fans
  • roof-solar-fan-pitch-3

    High Slope

    9/12 – 12/12


  • Square FootageSolar Attic Fans
    800 ft2 Attic Fans
    1200 ft2 Attic Fans
    1600 ft3 Attic Fans
    2000 ft4 Attic Fans
    2400 ft5 Attic Fans

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