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Why yellowblue™ is looking for roofing companies, contractors, HVAC professionals, and other in-home professionals to further growth

yellowblue™ Eco Tech was built first and foremost with great products and technology. We knew we had something special from the very start as we began to introduce homeowners to our Multi-Layer Insulation and Solar Powered Attic Ventilation systems through various educational programs. The feedback we received and continue to receive today is exciting, contagious, and what motivates us each morning to get up and excel.

It is undeniable: People genuinely care about saving money, making their homes more comfortable, and protecting the environment. Our company has been fortunate enough to help thousands of homeowners achieve this.

We are the first company of our kind to distribute, install and manufacture its own products. This alone makes Yellowblue unlike any other energy savings company in the world. We like to call this current period of growth “The Meeting of Minds.” We have accepted that if we want to meet our goals, and build yellowblue™ to be the best direct sales and manufacturing organization of energy saving products in the world, then we need the brightest, most hardworking men and women in the industry by our side.

In other words, we know that we cannot build our dream company alone. This is where our journey into partnership begins.

Our focus is to provide homeowners with innovative products that make their homes more comfortable and energy efficient. Our focus is homeowners and their homes. What do we know about these two subjects? From our direct sales roots, and feedback from independent authorized dealers and installers, we know this: Both homeowners and their homes are really complicated!

solar-attic-fan-installMaximize Trust By Building Better, More Sustainable Homes

There are many things that influence a homeowner, especially when it comes to making a decision about one of their most valued assets, their home. One constant influencer we have found is establishing trust and credibility.

How does one build credibility? Well—there are many tactics. Check out Forbes: How to Build Customer Trust for nine specific ways. What you need to know is yellowblue™ is different because we channel these trust-building tactics all under one umbrella by building world-class partnerships with roofing companies, contractors, HVAC professionals, solar installers, and many more like-minded industry professionals.

In reading Forbes’ article, one thing that really stuck out was this: “Gaining trust is only part of the equation. You must also have a product that customers want and need, and the ability to show how you’re adding value, solving problems, and so forth.” At yellowblue™, we know we have products that customers want and need, we have shown the ability to add value by reducing heating and cooling costs, and we have solved problems like air sealing and ventilation. Thanks to our many hardworking independent authorized dealers, and thousands of satisfied customers, we have the written testimonials to prove this.

It became clear to us the yellowblue™ journey into partnership is not to simply build more trust. It is also not simply to become a building materials or roofing supplies supplier. Instead, our journey into partnership is to maximize trust to provide our customer’s supreme value. That means asking more questions, solving more problems, providing more products and solutions, and building better, more sustainable homes.

We Want to Win the War on Home Energy Conservation

There are many companies out there that will throw money at problems. They will invest heavily in new resources, technology, and develop programs in areas that they want to be in for obvious reasons, except they have never stepped foot in these places. With a little luck, this mindset might work in some cases, but it presents an uphill battle. At yellowblue™, we are not looking to simply win a battle. We want to win the war on home energy conservation! That is why it was in our best interest to explore outside investment strategies. Instead of simply investing in ways to get up the hill, we want to invest in the people who are already on top of their respective hills. We also want to make sure the people who get us to the top remain on top. Here’s an example:

We have the highest quality Solar Powered Attic Fans in the world. Our ventilation experts and engineers are some of the best, most trusted minds in the business, who have revolutionized the industry. These experts have given our company and people a wealth of knowledge on ventilation systems, opening many doors for our company. We know yellowblue™ solar powered attic vents can, amongst many other benefits, help build better roofing systems and extend roof life. What we don’t know is how to build a roofing system. And, in all honesty, we have no interest in learning how to build roofs. Don’t get me wrong—it would be an exceptional skill to have, but we know that even if we invested our time into learning how to build roofs, we would still be well behind the curve. That is why we want to partner with roofing companies, providing innovative roofing supplies.

Exchange Experience and Know-How to Obtain Mutual Goals

Again—homes are complex. We will never know every little subtlety of a home. So, when a customer has a question about their roof, it is better for us to often source the “experts”. This way we can not only build trust but maximize it to provide supreme value. The beauty of this type of relationship is that it is reciprocal. The fact is: Almost every roofer knows how to build a roof, but not ever roofer is an expert in regards to ventilation. By partnering with roofing companies, we can exchange experience and know-how to obtain our mutual goals. Below is a diagram to show an example of the working relationship:


This is just one working relationship using roofing companies as an example. Working together, the benefits are very powerful for all three parties (the roofing company, the homeowner, and yellowblue™). The benefits are also interchangeable based on the type of partner and the homeowner’s situation. Regardless, the principles remain the same.

360-building-materials-supplierProvide Homeowners a 360°, Whole-Home Point of View

Overall, the yellowblue™ journey into partnership is a proactive reception to fulfill the wants and needs of the homeowner. By investing in the right people in the right industries, we can positively impact a home, and grow like never before. Repeated consumer studies have shown that homeowners prefer contractors who take the time to expose them to more than just the standard fare in shingles. This type of buying preference can be applied to almost any product or service in the home.

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