• Can you be allergic to your home?

    The struggle is real and there is no safe place. Can you be allergic to your home? When experts are calling allergy season 2017 one of the most “horrible” in recent years, it’s certainly possible. Anyone who’s been suffering with the scratchy eyes, sore throat and endless sneezing knows its true. In a report by […]

  • Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

    Sources of indoor air pollution range from home improvements, to our furry friends, to outside contaminants that make their way inside. Indoor air pollution has too often taken a backseat to outdoor air pollution, a subject that receives much attention, nationally and internationally. The time to take the same action that we’ve dedicated to outdoor […]

  • The Truth About the Risk of Fungal Toxins in Your Home

    It’s more than an eyesore. In fact, it’s akin to something you’d see in “American Horror Story” or one of those scary classics you only watch once a year on Halloween. Rightly so, as it could really take center stage anywhere. Fungal toxins in the home look disgusting. Household fungi are living organisms that can, […]

  • Better Air Means More Productivity in the Workplace

    It could be anywhere in your office. Maybe it’s written on your weekly planner, or transcribed on a paperweight in your office. Or it could be in a Pinterest folder you occasionally peruse over your lunch hour. It’s a little reminder that backs a powerful productivity punch: just breathe. Sure, it’s among the most overused […]

  • On the Rise: Roof Insulation Industry Expected to Continue Growing

    The heat is rising, and in this case it’s a good thing. The Global Roof Insulation Market is poised to grow at a CAGR of around 5.1 percent over the next decade to reach approximately $13.9 billion by 2025, according to a study by the world’s largest market research organization. Research and Markets recently added […]