• 2023 Insulation Tax Credit

    2023 Insulation Tax Credit: What You Need to Know

    Attention, homeowners! Brace yourselves for some electrifying news! For 2023, you can now claim your newly installed insulation as a tax credit at 30% instead of 10%. Let’s discover how this insulation tax credit increase can transform your home into a comfortable haven while saving money and benefiting the environment. What is an Insulation Tax Credit? An […]

  • Residential Clean Energy Credit Extension: How it Impacts Solar Attic Fans

    Are you looking for ways to save money on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint? One solution you should consider is installing solar attic fans. These devices are designed to ventilate hot air from your attic, helping keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer months. Not only do solar attic fans improve […]

  • How to Build a Happy and Healthy Home in a Pandemic

    How to Build Happy and Healthy Home During a Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every facet of our lives. Many of us are working our daily jobs from home, while our kids are attending virtual classes. The timeframe for the pandemic is uncertain, however, we know one thing – Americans are staying home more than ever before. Unsurprisingly, this lifestyle change has its consequences. […]

  • Best Smart Thermostats for 2020

    Best Smart Thermostats for 2020

    With people working from home more often due to the pandemic, the demand for a good thermostat is higher than ever. Fortunately, many companies offer high-tech thermostats that are designed to save homeowners money throughout the year. Smart thermostats are highly specialized home comfort tools that can adapt to their owners’ behavior and tailor your […]

  • How to Keep a House Warm in Winter

    How To Keep a House Warm In Winter: The Bulletproof Method

    There are few things better than walking into a warm, properly heated home after walking back from work or school on a frigid winter day. There are few things worse than having to endure all that cold and coming home expecting the warm embrace of your home only to be met by an equally icy […]

  • How COVID19 Has Impacted Home Energy Use

    How COVID19 Has Impacted Home Energy Use

    The COVID-19 pandemic has seemingly affected every single aspect of our lives. From putting millions of Americans’ lives at risk due to the virus’s deadly symptoms to keeping millions more out of work due to the pandemic’s effects on the economy, this country has experienced a seismic shift in our everyday lives. In the last […]