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  • Air Sealing Products That Work

    Poor air sealing is a problem for all seasons. In the summer and winter, your home’s conditioned or heated air will leak out through gaps in your home’s sealing. This leads to increased energy costs and a less comfortable home environment.

    To combat air leaking, yellowblue Eco Tech proudly works with the products proven to improve a home’s air sealing efficiently and effectively.

    Please some of the most popular and effective products licensed yellowblue dealers use to make homes more comfortable, more cost-efficient, and more manageable.

Yellowblue Air Sealing Products

  • Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation

    yellowblue’s multi-layer insulation products are revolutionary in the growing reflective insulation market. Our products are extremely durable and provide many useful applications based on your particular insulation needs.

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  • Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation

    We use premium blown-in fiberglass insulation that is perfect for hard-to-reach areas within attics, like corners, edges and around framing.

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  • Attic Gator – Attic Access Cover

    Looking for a way to insulate and seal your attic access? Attic Gator is the two-in-one solution. The Attic Gator’s simple installation, durability, and effect on your home’s comfort makes improving your home’s energy efficiency easy!

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  • Invisaflects® Insulative Paint

    Invisaflects® insulative paint by yellowblue Eco Tech will enable your insulation to operate at optimum performance and secure a significantly more comfortable environment. It’s safe and non-toxic and it’s ready to use on any surface.

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Air Leaking 101: Learn More About Air Sealing

See the basics behind air sealing, including common problem areas and how to conduct a home air pressure test. 

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  • Air Sealing Features & Benefits

  • Reduce Energy Spend

    Help your heating and cooling systems reduce wasted energy.

  • Control Your Home

    Air sealing helps you create consistent, reliable indoor conditions.

  • More Home Comfort

    Remove drafts, hotspots, and other unwelcome annoyances around the home.

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