How to Quickly Improve Hot Water Heater Performance

The lifespan of most hot water heating units is between 8 to 12 years according to Lowes Home Improvement.  Taking a few extra steps in caring for your water heater can not only extend its life cycle, but also keep it running more effectively and economically.hot_water_heater_blanket_2

Along with draining, cleaning, valve testing and rod examinations, one of the most effective methods to quickly improve hot water heater performance is by insulating it. To determine if your tank requires insulation, simply touch it. If it’s warm to the touch, a hot water heater wrap or blanket can be just what the doctor ordered.

An uncomplicated insulation process can reduce your tank’s heat loss. The entire wrap purchase and installation process is inexpensive and takes hardly any time to complete. Yellowblue insulated water heater wraps are an excellent choice for this project. Our well-trained installers follow the guidelines cited by to provide an installation that can promise excellent results:

  • First, we examine your water heater to determine if it actually qualifies for insulation
  • We verify that there are no cracks or leaks; if we discover any, you will have to replace your unit
  • If you have an electric water heater, we may recommend insulating the area beneath your unit for added efficiency; usually we will place a bottom board or ridged piece of insulation to help reduce heat loss onto the floor. This step―which is also applicable to new water heaters―can result in additional heating energy savings.
  • We fit and install the hot water heater wrap and ensure the appropriate areas (pilot lights, etc.) are not obstructed

Contact Yellowblue to Improve Hot Water Heater Performance

If you want to make hot water heater more efficient, contact us. We will put you in touch with your local authorized Yellowblue dealer to discuss the installation of our reflective insulation blanket. Increase the life of your tank. Decrease energy loss and the costs associated with it with poor water heater performance.