The Model Home for Comfort and Energy Savings

yellowblue™ Eco Tech Publishes Interactive Blueprint of Green Home. In a new, interactive extension on the yellowblue website, the end user can enable areas of the home and learn about yellowblue’s™ innovative eco technologies.


yellowblue™ Eco Tech incorporated a custom, interactive extension to their information-based website. Built with responsive framework, the software contains a group of simple functions that add a complete “yellowblue™ Model Home” to the frontend website. There, the end user can enable areas of the home and learn about yellowblue’s™ innovative eco technologies.

In addition to the frontend user experience, the software includes a user-friendly interface where product photos, descriptions, and additional resources can be managed to enhance usability and predicate strong consumer knowledge.

The ability to manage and update the yellowblue™ Model Home can’t be overstated,” said Craig Schwinebart, President, yellowblue™ Eco Tech. “The blueprint of a green home today is undeniably different than the green home of tomorrow. As a company, we are making a conscious effort to employ flexible, educational programs that will sustain the inevitable changes in energy efficient products and practices.”

Today the yellowblue™ Model Home features key insulation and ventilation products such as yellowblue’s™ Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation, Hot Water Heater Wraps, and Revolutionary Solar Attic Fans. Other energy saving product on display include Invisaflects (insulative paint) and the ePOD (plug-in capacitor system) along with solar hybrid homes and generation systems.

We’ll monitor the engagement and data based on the products that are currently showcased in the yellowblue™ Model Home,” said Craig Schwienebart, President of yellowblue™ Eco Tech. “Following the initial trial, we expect to analyze data to learn more about our consumers, their interests, potential buying concerns, and identify opportunities to expand on our educational programs.”


yellowblue™ is an innovative Eco Technologies based company that helps homeowners and small-businesses conserve energy, save money and protect the environment. yellowblue™ products are revolutionary, cutting edge and American made. For more information on yellowblue™, the upcoming F4 Mega Conference, and a complete list of yellowblue’s™ energy saving products please visit:

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