Importance of Sealing and Insulating

What’s so important about my attic?

Per Energy Star, if you are looking to save energy and make your home more comfortable, the attic should be your number one priority. Spaces such as outlets, switch fixtures and smoke detectors can leave room for air to come in from the first and second floor of your home, travel up the wall, and escape into the attic. The air that escapes is replaced with air from outside. Since the air from outside is not conditioned, when it enters your home, the heating and cooling units have to work harder to make the space comfortable.

If your attic is sealed and insulated, there won’t be any room for the air to escape, so no outside air will come into your home. Having a professional seal and insulate your attic alone can significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs.

How can I be sure I am getting the most out of my sealing and insulation?

All of the air leaks in an average home add up to the equivalent of having a window open all year long (Chicago Tribue, Keeping the house warm without breaking the bank). The best way to see results is to take care of as many of these air spaces as possible. Here are some common places an independent authorized yellowblue dealer can check for air leaks:

  • Between the wall and the drywall
  • Around lighting fixtures (especially can lights)
  • Around smoke detectors
  • Around ductwork and piping
  • Around chimney openings

Taking these steps to secure your attic isn’t only useful for saving energy. Sealing and insulating your attic can also lessen the chance of ice dams forming on roofs in the winter, reduce outside noise, better control humidity and decrease access points for pollen, dust and insects to enter your home.

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