yellowblue™ Adds Solar Powered Crawl Space Ventilation System to Energy Saving Products

PLEASANT HILL, IA – (May 8, 17) – yellowblue™ Eco Tech is a manufacturer and wholesaler with a network of independent authorized dealers who sell energy saving and healthy home products directly to consumers. Recently, yellowblue™ announced an exciting new product, the yellowblue™ Solar Powered Crawl Space Ventilation System.

Aimed at helping to prevent harmful elements from impacting your home, the yellowblue™ Crawl Space Ventilation System operates completely on solar power. It is considered the world’s most advanced, high-efficiency solar powered crawl space ventilation system.

“Throughout the year, the crawl space of your home or office building can collect moisture, heat buildup and radon gases,” Craig Schwienebart, president of yellowblue™ Eco Tech explained. “This ventilation system works by expelling these elements out through a ducting system using a brushless motor, ultimately helping keep you – and your home – healthy.”

The system circulates hot air out through the ducting, helping to provide the circulation necessary to help prevent moist air from condensing on structures or facilitating faster mold growth.

In addition, the system is built to last and can potentially remove dangerous radon from inside your home and helps save on energy costs. Installation may also qualify for a 30 percent federal tax credit on materials and installation under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

“The system offers revolutionary ventilation for a commonly forgotten space in the home,” Schwienebart added. “It can help save on energy costs and prevents moisture and mold buildup, but ultimately it also makes your home more environmentally-friendly and comfortable as well.”

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