U.S. Residential Energy Conservation Opportunities

Per McKinsey & Company*, there are many energy conservation opportunities to reduce consumption and minimize its total cost by using existing technologies—and without changing the everyday habits of consumers.

This is especially true when it comes to the residential sector in the United States, which accounts for 35 percent of the end use potential for energy savings.

Shockingly, McKinsey found that homeowners typically know little about their energy consumption. As result, many of us end up underestimating savings that come from energy conservation opportunities.

One place that is often overlooked is upgrades to the shells of existing homes. For example, insulating attics and sealing air leaks can often offer the largest energy conservation opportunities.

This is where Yellowblue comes into play. Not only do we offer innovative technologies, such as multi layer reflective insulation, we pride ourselves on educating homeowners on ways to save.

Through informative programs, and in-home consultations, our independent authorized dealers work directly with homeowners. Together, we share new and exciting energy saving technologies and comfort solutions, so homeowners can realize the full potential of conservation.

Contact an independent authorized Yellowblue dealer near you and learn how to save energy and live more comfortably.

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*Jon Creyts, Hannah Choi Granade, and Kenneth J. Ostrowski. “US energy savings: Opportunities and challenges.” McKinsey & Company, www.mckinsey.com/industries/electric-power-and-natural-gas/our-insights/us-energy-savings-opportunities-and-challenges. Accessed 1 Sept. 2017.

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