2019 F4 Mega Conference Announces Guest Speakers, Theme For 6th Annual Event

F4 Mega Conference

Dynamic speakers S. Chris Edmonds and Dan Gable join yellowblue™ Eco Tech at the  6th-annual F4 Mega Conference in Dallas, Texas. 

Dallas, TX – (March 6, 2019) — The sixth annual F4 Mega Conference, hosted by Eco  Technologies International, yellowblue™ Eco Tech, and TruWatch, has announced its guest  speaker lineup and overarching theme for this year’s massive event. The F4 Mega Conference  will be held at the Hyatt Regency Reunion Tower in Dallas, Texas March 7-10.

The F4 Mega Conference offers professionals in the green energy, fire safety, and healthy home  industries a unique opportunity to network, learn, and grow in an environment tailored for  their professions. In its sixth iteration, the conference continues to enhance its standard of  excellence with the addition of world-renowned speakers S. Chris Edmonds and Dan Gable.

Edmonds is the author of seven books and has helped leaders across industries build  purposeful, positive, and productive work environments with strong values. Gable, a 3x  All-American wrestler, Olympic Gold Medalist, and 3x NCAA Coach of the Year, will take part in
an on-stage interview where he will share his life experiences and discuss how individuals can  reach their potential both personally and as an organization.

“This year’s guests are going to add tremendous value,” Billy Cox, co-founder and CEO of  yellowblue™ Eco Tech, said. “These are leaders among leaders — winners among winners. I  can’t think of two better guests to embody this year’s theme. We want everyone to come  together, share their experience, and walk away ready to add value for the rest of the world.  Knowing that we’ll have these speakers, I’m confident we’ll accomplish that.”

The invited speakers will be prime representatives of this year’s F4 Mega Conference theme:  ‘The Table.’ By creating an environment dedicated to developing teamwork and productive  work cultures, the F4 Mega Conference will create ‘The Table’ around which the great leaders in  attendance can communicate, get energized, and strategize their goals for the coming year.

“Sometimes when people sit down around a table together, they end up changing the world,”  Cox said. “What happens at this table can’t stay at this table. We have to share it with the  world.”    In tandem with the F4 Mega Conference’s theme, yellowblue™ Eco Tech will be sharing a new  focus on the “Yellowblue™ Standard”. This year’s F4 Mega Conference will be emblematic of the  company’s new paradigm as they bring together high standard and a focus on team effort.

“We can’t stress the importance of continued education in our industry enough,” Craig  Schwienebart, president of yellowblue™ Eco Tech, stated. “F4 offers everyone in attendance  access to actionable wisdom; whether it be our own ‘Yellowblue™ Standard’ of best practices,  the teambuilding acumen of Chris Edmonds, or Dan Gable’s astounding insights, this year’s  conference will be packed with opportunities for valuable education.”

Welcome sessions for the F4 Mega Conference will take place March 7th. Breakout sessions and  “Rewind 70’s Night” with the disco band “Le Freak” will take place on March 8th, and the annual  award banquet will take place on March 9th.

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