Healthy Home Industry Leader Unveils New Hub For Attic Inspections

Des Moines, IA — yellowblue™ Eco Tech, a leader in the healthy homes industry, has launched an initiative to deliver a new gold standard of best practices for attic inspections.

The newly dubbed Attic Inspector brand will stand as the central hub for homeowners and professionals alike seeking modern, consistent, and proven processes for inspecting an attic the right way.

Powered by yellowblue™ Eco Tech, Attic Inspector is poised to take the mantle of industry thought leader moving forward. By harnessing the lauded reputation of yellowblue™ Eco Tech, Attic Inspector with the leadership, experience, and authority necessary to provide a true best practices process for the industry.

“Attic inspections are a pivotal part of our industry, but the information out there is often fragmented,” Billy Cox, co-founder and CEO of yellowblue™ Eco Tech, said. “Homeowners and pros are sifting through a bunch of different — and sometimes conflicting — information. With our position in the market and among industry peers, we at yellowblue™  knew we had a great opportunity to do this right.”

Attic Inspector was designed with the goal of filling this major gap in both consumer and business information access. Thanks to the expertise of the team behind yellowblue™ Eco Tech, Attic Inspector will provide an unmatched educational resource for all interested users.

Through Attic Inspector, anyone and everyone will be able to access the proven data and structured information on attic inspection processes. Attic Inspector will cover information relating to sealing, insulation, and ventilation best practices that are necessary to understand how exactly an attic is functioning.

“Our industry had a need, and as we’ve done before, we stepped up to solve it,” Craig Schwienebart, president of yellowblue™ Eco Tech, said. “We’re creating a central hub and platform that provides everything one could need to know about attic inspections. It’s a solution we’ve needed for a long time, and we’re thrilled to be the ones to provide it.”

yellowblue™ Eco Tech will continue to power Attic Inspector moving forward through ongoing direction and provision of informational resources. With the support of one of the leading companies in the industry, Attic Inspector is poised to become a prominent thought leader and resource throughout the market.

About yellowblue™ Eco Tech

Based out of Des Moines, Iowa, yellowblue™ is an energy efficient technology business with a network of independent authorized dealers. yellowblue™ helps homeowners and small businesses conserve energy, save money and protect the environment. yellowblue™ products are revolutionary, cutting edge and American made.

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