• Attic Access Insulation Cover

    Attic Gator is an easy-to-install attic access insulation cover that helps keep the air in the rest of your house separate from the air in your attic. It can save homeowners both money and energy. On top of that, installation is simple!

    Energy professionals, insulation contractors, and the federal government all agree that air leaks from the attic account for one of the biggest wastes of energy in the entire house. However, with proper attic hatch insulation, and air sealing, homeowners can help dodge that needless waste of energy and save money.

    *Attic Gator also covers scuttle holes.

Available in Three Sizes

  • 24″ x 24″ x 16″

    (Scuttle Hole)

  • 24″ x 33″ x 16″

    (Scuttle Hole)

  • 25″ x 55″ x 9″

    (Pull Down)

  • Reduce Heat Transfer

    The attic hatch, or attic access door, is a major source of heat transfer and energy loss throughout the home. When energy is lost through the attic, homeowners often aren’t even aware of the savings they are losing out on.

    With Attic Gator, you can ensure that your attic access is sealed properly, while helping avoid the loss of valuable energy. In addition, it can help reduce hot and cold spots to create a more comfortable living environment.

  • Heat Reduction

  • Easy To Install

    The Attic Gator access cover is easy to install, and access to your attic remains easy. A full installation of the Attic Gator can be completed by an independent authorized yellowblue dealer, leaving your home ready more energy efficient.

    Once installed, the benefits start immediately.

  • Happy Homeowner

  • Durable, Tough Material

    The material used in the yellowblue Attic Gator Access Cover is built to last and is designed to withstand standard wear and tear.

    yellowblue products are designed provide long-lasting solutions for homeowners, and that’s exactly what the Attic Gator does!

  • Durable

Keeping Attics Sealed, Insulated and Homes More Comfortable

Whether your house is being heated or air-conditioned, Attic Gator can help stop one of the biggest energy leaks in the house and can help save you needless energy loss every single month.

Attic Gator Features and Benefits

  • Saves Money

    Over life of mortgage, saves homeowners in energy bill costs

  • Stops Drafts

    Eliminates unwanted drafts from attic scuttle hole

  • Keeps Bugs Out

    Prevents pests from getting through the cracks of attic hatch

  • Built to Last

    Extremely durable material designed to avoid tears after contact with stairs or ladders

  • Easy Installation

    Can easily be installed by an independent authorized yellowblue dealer

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Will Attic Gator fit in my home?

A: Definitely! yellowblue™ offers different sizes to accommodate different attics. 

Q: Will I still have access to my attic once Attic Gator is installed?

A: Yes! Attic Gator features a convenient zipper so that access to your attic is still available.


In July, we had issues with our air conditioning not working properly. We had temperatures up to 80°F in the restaurant. We put Bluemaxx in our system and it dropped the temperature close to 5°. Our customers felt very comfortable.

Zappone’s Italian Bistro
Gilbert, Arizona

By having the energy efficient attic insulation installed in our home, we’re very satisfied with the savings we have seen on our electric bills. Our home is very comfortable with even heat and cool air.

Harrison & Betty Plumber
Conroe, Texas

Since we have installed the attic blanket and solar fan in our home, the hot and cold spots have disappeared. Our energy bill has dropped and the dust in our home has been eliminated. We are so happy with the installation of your products in our home. Thank you Yellowblue!

Chuck & Deborah Urano
Mission, British Columbia

We recently added the blanket to our attic and there is a world of difference in our home. The air temperature is more consistent throughout the house and neither the furnace nor AC run half as much as before. We could not be more pleased with the purchase and highly recommend this to anyone who wishes to reduce their power bills while enjoying a more comfortable home.

Jeffrey Brantley
Mahomet, Illinois

Disclaimer: Yellowblue is committed to offering only the highest quality products designed to conserve energy, save money, and create a more comfortable and healthy environment.

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