Demystifying Solar Panels – The Choice for a Greener Tomorrow

12861896715_e28f7b34e9_oMany individuals, who genuinely believe in eco-friendly solutions, dismiss the idea of installing solar panels because the process is thought to be too costly. If you’re among them, this article might encourage you to rethink your decision….and when you do, consider yellowblue. Solar equipment prices have become more competitive. Federal state and local governments have implemented enticing incentives, various financing opportunities are readily available and when one notices the rising cost of traditional energy sources, the installation of solar panels should be a no brainer.

At the dawn of Y2K, solar-powered homes were fairly uncommon. As the public became more and more knowledgeable and concerned about the depleting energy resources, the nation’s reliance on foreign oil producers, the significant reduction of our collective carbon footprint and dangers of climate change, more and more people began to investigate solar panels as a feasible alternative. The idea of a solar paneled home became even more attractive as the federal government extended federal and local tax incentives to those who decided to install them.

Although incentives are a great perk, the savings solar panels facilitate should be reason enough for them to be considered. Estimates indicate that the average electric bill will be reduced by as much as $80.00 per month. Solar panels are also a great way to increase the value of your home. Buyers will be delighted to enjoy the energy savings minus the bother associated with installation.

How do they work? In actuality, solar panels are photovoltaic (PV) cells, which are batteries capable of capturing sunlight, turning it into energy, transferring that energy to an inverter, which will transform it into electricity. The size of the panel system required for your home can is determined by two factors: one can be estimated by reviewing your electric bills for the average amount of kilowatt energy your home utilizes. Multiplying that that by .25 will serve as one indicator of the size of the system your home will need. The other factor is known as isolation. Isolation pertains to the amount of solar radiation that reaches the ground during specific hours of the day. Geographical location is the primary issue associated with isolation.

At yellowblue, we employ our own experienced installers. This is important because the professionals who install the panels must be well trained in the process. Where and how these panels are mounted is essential to their effectiveness. We are an American company with a sound reputation. In addition we provide excellent warranties on all our products.

Once all the paperwork is completed and the appropriate permits are required the installation period will take from a few weeks to a few months to complete. Several variables will affect this timeline, including, time of year, weather conditions, etc.

When all is said and done the facts will prove that yellowblue’s Solar Panels are:

  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Easy to maintain

The impact of Solar Panels on the environment and the reduction of our carbon footprint is significant. Now that you’ve learned something about solar panels, you may want to consider a yellowblue system for your home. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, more than half of U.S. states could have rooftop solar by 2017. Will you be one of them?

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