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  • Solar Powered Gifts for Energy Geeks

    Solar Powered Gifts for Energy Geeks

    Do you know someone who loves solar power, eco-friendly products, and all things energy? If you’re looking for a crowd-pleasing gift for your office pollyanna or family Secret Santa, there are eco-friendly devices that run on solar power that act as great gifts. Our Favorite Solar-Powered Gift Ideas You don’t have to be an energy […]

  • Residential Solar Lighting: Beautiful, Clean, Green and Free

    Residential solar lighting is an uncomplicated, affordable, energy efficient way to beautify your residence. Continued improvements in harnessing and utilizing solar power have enabled the development of a myriad of choices for all your outdoor lighting needs. Today’s solar powered LED outdoor lights shine as brightly. Yet, they don’t emit the heat of traditional bulbs, […]

  • Demystifying Solar Panels – The Choice for a Greener Tomorrow

    Many individuals, who genuinely believe in eco-friendly solutions, dismiss the idea of installing solar panels because the process is thought to be too costly. If you’re among them, this article might encourage you to rethink your decision….and when you do, consider yellowblue. Solar equipment prices have become more competitive. Federal state and local governments have […]

  • Can We Accept An Inconvenient Truth?

    An Inconvenient Truth, is the 2006 Academy Award winning documentary about climate change and the ominous state of our planet. For some, it was a frightening wake-up call; for others, a sad reaffirmation of what they already feared…our planet is in trouble. Here we are, eight years later, but despite advances in our collective ecological […]

  • Solar Home – The Latest Really is the Greatest

    The effects of climate change constantly manifest themselves. Traditional weather patterns continue to evolve, causing extreme temperature fluctuations from one day to the next. Extended heat waves, the severity of storms, droughts and other weather-related issues have critically impacted power grids and caused flooding, fires, icing, long-term power outages and physical destruction in their path. […]