Residential Solar Lighting: Beautiful, Clean, Green and Free

Residential solar lighting is an uncomplicated, affordable, energy efficient way to beautify your residence. Continued improvements in harnessing and utilizing solar power have enabled the development of a myriad of choices for all your outdoor lighting needs. Today’s solar powered LED outdoor lights shine as brightly. Yet, they don’t emit the heat of traditional bulbs, they last so much longer, and they don’t need to be installed by an electrician.

Outdoor solar lights are usually weatherproof. Classified by functionality, most fall into one of three categories: spotlights/task lights, accent lights or path lights. To make an informed choice, it’s best to determine where or how you plan to use your lights before purchasing them. Thanks advancements in solar technology, today’s outdoor solar lights can maintain their efficiency even during the bleakest winter days. There are a host of choices within each category, representing a variety of styles to satisfy the taste and budget of the most discriminating buyer.

Solar Spotlights and task lights are generally the sturdiest solar lights. They are constructed to last the longest, which is why they might be the most expensive. They are designed to stream a brilliant beam of beautiful light to help you profile all the special areas or objects on your property. Though the highest quality solar light fitted with a quality LED, won’t be as bright as an incandescent spotlight, it will still stream a considerable amount of light. Most importantly, as with all outdoor solar fixtures, your light is eco-friendly and gifted by the sun.

Solar Accent Lights provide a soft warm glow. Because they produce the lowest output of illumination, they are usually the least expensive to purchase. They are available in many colors and, as their design indicates, they are an attractive and artistic way to accentuate a small, specific area. Some accent lighting was designed to flicker to replicate the warmth and ambience of candlelight. Aside from their atmospheric advantages, accent lights can help designate areas that are rocky or risky to walkers.

Solar Path Lights are designed to line paths, driveways, walkways, steps, patios as well as other bordering areas around your property. These lights are a beautiful and practical choice to provide light for either esthetic or safety purposes. Some path lights are equipped with colored lenses. Many have timers and on/off switches, an option which provides the capability to reserve a charge for longer use at another time. The majority of path lights direct illumination downward, but because they are often sold with one of a variety of positioning kits and tools, they can be made to direct their light in other directions.

Outdoor solar lighting can enhance the curb appeal of any home and make driveways and walkways safer. Outdoor Solar Lighting: beautiful, clean, green and free, another wonderful way the sun benefits us even when it’s not shining.

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