How To Reduce Common Air Conditioning Problems

You might know that every cooling system’s compressor requires oil as a lubricant. But what most people don’t know is that this lubricant actually mixes with the cold air being produced by an air conditioner.  As a matter of fact, the oil begins circulating with the cold air refrigerant from the very first day a brand new air conditioner is installed and activated.

As cold air makes its way to the vents through the inner tubing of your air conditioning system, the oil has a tendency to attach to the walls of that tubing. Just like plaque in human arteries, the collected oil causes a blockage-like effect that impacts the production and distribution of cold vent air. This process is referred to as oil fouling and it can lead to one of the most common air conditioning problems: improper operation.

Over time, oil fouling causes your air conditioning system to work harder to maintain the temperature reflected on the thermostat. Naturally, the more often an air conditioner is forced to recycle, the more wear and tear on the unit. In addition, the frequency of recycling will increase the cost of your electricity bills. But oil fouling doesn’t have to occur.  Thanks to products like bluemaxx, you can keep your air conditioning system in tip-top shape, and beat one the most common air conditioning problems.


Yellowblue’s bluemaxx is a revolutionary product with the ability to significantly reduce problems resulting from oil fouling. bluemaxx helps restore the efficiency of your air conditioning system to its maximum condition.  Just a one-time application of this additive during the life of your air conditioning system will clean and open valves to facilitate an increased delivery of colder vent air. A certified HVAC professional can install bluemaxx any time of year without interrupting the system’s operational process. Below is a video showing a bluemaxx installation:

bluemaxx will not void manufacturer’s warranty and is compatible with new and old refrigerants. Consider turning back the clock on your air conditioning system and return its efficiency to nearly new condition by mitigating the consequences of oil fouling.  When you think about it, being efficient is a great way to keep your cool.

Want more information on how to overcome common air conditioning problems like high electric bills and improper operation?

Contact your local independent authorized dealer to see if bluemaxx is right for your home. bluemaxx is compatible with all common refrigerants including R-22, R-134a, R-407, and R-410a. After bluemaxx is added, you should immediately start to feel the difference and for the same energy, have greater cooling.

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