Solar Powered Attic Fan: Here Comes the Sun


Remember the Beatles’ song Here Comes the Sun? Who can forget it? We all love the sun, but there are some sunny situations that require caution. One of them is your home, particularly your attic. Did you know that on a typical summer’s day, the temperature in your attic can reach up to 150 degrees fahrenheit? That’s why many home energy professionals recommend the installation of attic fans and other ventilation systems.

One of the most effective, economical, and durable choices you can make to improve the overall health of an attic and roof is to install Yellowblue’s aerodynamically designed Solar Powered Attic Fan. While roof soffits, ridges and other physical features provide a certain amount of ventilation, the amount of circulating air is minimal and provides little benefit on excessively hot and sunny days. Aside from keeping your attic cooler in summer, a solar powered attic fan provides value during the rest of the year, too. For example:

  • A solar powered attic fan should reduce the overall heat load in a home, putting less pressure on your air conditioning system which can increase its efficiency. Because your solar powered attic fan can decrease a home’s heat load your air conditioner should require less cycling, thereby reducing electricity costs.
  • Another cost saving feature of the solar powered attic fan is its ability to use the sun rather than just electricity to power itself.
  • A solar powered attic fan is also an excellent way to extend the life and integrity of roof shingles due to less heat.
  • Lastly, a solar powered attic fan can reduce moisture problemsassociated with attics year round. If moisture accumulates in an attic, a home can become susceptible to hazardous mold.

Yellowblue Eco Tech’s Solar Attic Fan is Made in the USA, uses no plastic parts, and is constructed from the same high grade, rust-resistant aluminum used in the aviation industry. Resistant to expansion resulting from various weather conditions, it was designed and developed with similar intake and exhaust features of a jet aircraft engine. By utilizing the revolutionary Maximum Power Point Technology (MPPT) feature, Yellowblue’s Solar Attic Fan can facilitate efficient air flow under any solar conditions. Its whisper-quiet feature means no rumbling noise as it turns on and off. All Yellowblue Solar Attic Fans carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Yellowblue’s Solar Attic Fan qualifies for a 26% federal tax credit on materials and installation through the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit, which is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. It’s never too early to take part in a money saving project. Why not make arrangements to install a Yellowblue Solar Powered Attic Fan and join the Beatles in a worry-free chorus of “Here Comes the Sun?”

For additional information regarding incentives in your state, kindly visit:www.DSIREUSA.orgThe time is right, the incentives are excellent, and the sun isn’t going anywhere soon.