Plug into Residential Energy Savings with ePOD

Research and technology have come very far. Once incurable illnesses are now manageable ― some even non-existent ― allowing us to live longer and enjoy a better quality of life. But what about the health of our planet? What kind of world will we leave our children? We can no longer treat our energy resources as though they will never be depleted. Many species of marine and animal life are facing extinction because of our voracious consumption. Don’t you think the time has come to stop polluting our air with poisonous emissions and our oceans, rivers, and streams with toxic wastes?

One way you can be proactive about energy conservation and reducing our collective carbon footprint is by familiarizing yourself with yellowblue Eco Tech, a company committed to creating innovative, eco-friendly resources for every aspect of our lives. As an added perk using yellowblue products can also help you realize residential energy savings.

One way yellowblue has been proven successful in conserving electrical energy and your dollars is its ePOD. The daily use of common appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, air conditioners, irons and blow dryers can significantly impact electricity fees. Older or non-energy smart appliances are even more expensive to operate. The installation of the yellowblue ePOD can help curb these costs by enabling your appliances to operate with significantly more energy efficiency.

yellowblue’s ePOD has been uniquely developed through state-of-the-art technology, designed to actively monitor and reduce electricity consumption, it is equally effective in:

  • Reducing harmful electromagnetic fields
  • Lowering active power and kilowatt demands
  • Stabilizing voltage by storing excess energy

Installing an ePOD is as simple as plugging it into an outlet. So if you’re ready to commit to an energy conserving, money-saving options for your home, think of yellowblue.

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