• Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

    Sources of indoor air pollution range from home improvements, to our furry friends, to outside contaminants that make their way inside. Indoor air pollution has too often taken a backseat to outdoor air pollution, a subject that receives much attention, nationally and internationally. The time to take the same action that we’ve dedicated to outdoor […]

  • Better Air Means More Productivity in the Workplace

    It could be anywhere in your office. Maybe it’s written on your weekly planner, or transcribed on a paperweight in your office. Or it could be in a Pinterest folder you occasionally peruse over your lunch hour. It’s a little reminder that backs a powerful productivity punch: just breathe. Sure, it’s among the most overused […]

  • Energy Savings Tips for Fourth of July

    Every year we are fortunate enough to celebrate our independence, and the fact that we live in the greatest country in the world. That day comes on the Fourth of July, officially two weeks after the first day of summer. By this time of year most of the United States is stripped down to shorts, tank […]

  • Can We Accept An Inconvenient Truth?

    An Inconvenient Truth, is the 2006 Academy Award winning documentary about climate change and the ominous state of our planet. For some, it was a frightening wake-up call; for others, a sad reaffirmation of what they already feared…our planet is in trouble. Here we are, eight years later, but despite advances in our collective ecological […]

  • Spiraling propane prices in bitterly cold winter a problem for some in Minnesota

    MANKATO, Minn. — Rising propane prices this bitterly cold winter are worrying many rural Minnesota residents who count on the fuel to heat their homes. KTOE News in Mankato reported Monday that suppliers in the area were quoting propane prices of $4.75 a gallon by the end of last week (http://bit.ly/1b0UQHo ). That’s compared to […]

  • Energy Agency Predicts High Prices in Future

    Current consumption rates will cause world energy demand to increase 1.6 per year until 2030, the IEA reports. The world can expect energy prices to continue their generally upward spiral in the years ahead if global energy policies remain the same, the International Energy Agency (IEA) reported this week. Rapid economic development in China and […]

  • ‘Volcano hunter’: I stood 30 yards from lake of boiling lava

    A month ago, adventurer Geoff Mackley stood in a place no human had ever been before: only 30 yards above a roiling lake of lava in an active volcano on a South Pacific island. The stunning photos and video that the volcanologist from New Zealand took after a 15-year quest produced awe — and a […]

  • Last 6 Months Hottest on Record

    The year 2012 continues on a record warm pace, according to a report released July 9. In the June “State of the Climate” report, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) found the first half of 2012 was the record warmest January-June period for the Lower 48 States, in records dating to 1895. In all, […]

  • President Obama’s Energy Tax Plan a Version of the Failed European “Cap and Trade” Global Warming Fiasco

    President Obama’s energy tax plan — a version of the failed European “cap and trade” global warming fiasco — may cost families $1,800 yearly in higher utility bills, far exceeding his promised $800 a year tax cut for 95% of Americans. While campaigning, Obama admitted that his energy plan would cause electric bills to “skyrocket.” […]