Solar Powered Gifts for Energy Geeks

Do you know someone who loves solar power, eco-friendly products, and all things energy?

If you’re looking for a crowd-pleasing gift for your office pollyanna or family Secret Santa, there are eco-friendly devices that run on solar power that act as great gifts.

Our Favorite Solar-Powered Gift Ideas

You don’t have to be an energy expert to find effective, fun, and affordable solar-powered gifts. Here are some products people love to see under the wrapping paper.

1. Solar-Powered Flashlight

Looking for a smaller gift? Maybe a stocking stuffer?

Get a solar powered flashlight like the one featured above. Not only does it run on solar power, but it is shock and water resistant, doubles as a window breaker, and can charge your phone. It’s a great addition to any tool bucket and is a practical tool to have in your car’s glove compartment.

2. Solar-Powered Charger


For energy geeks that are often on the go, having a solar-powered charger can offer a ton of relief (no more worrying about charging your phone before you leave home). 

Just like portable electric chargers, solar-powered chargers let you recharge your smartphone or tablet anywhere you go. With multiple USB ports, this featured solar-powered charger lets you charge multiple devices at the same time without having to sacrifice being environmentally conscious. 

This one even comes with built-in, energy-efficient LED lights that serve as a backup flashlight. For solar power enthusiasts who like to camp or hike, this charger is a must-have. 

3. Solar-Powered Backpack


Know someone who needs a new bag? Have a student in the family who needs a gift for next semester?

A solar-powered backpack is a great present for professionals and students alike. Whether they’re traveling to a meeting or conference, walking across campus, or even packing for a hike, having one of these backpacks offers an extra level of convenience. With enough room for a laptop, multiple devices, and books, solar-powered backpacks like the one featured above give people the ability to charge their phone or device in an environmentally friendly way.

They get the comfort of a quality bag and peace of mind from using eco-friendly solar energy.

4. Wireless Solar Keyboard

Sleek. Comfortable. Energy efficient.

If you’re looking to be energy efficient even when you’re working, solar keyboards give you that option. Wireless keyboards like the one pictured above will absorb both solar and light energy — as long as you have some type of light, they work! 

This keyboard is also ultra thin and easily fits into a backpack. It’s also designed for comfort. With keycaps designed to fit your fingers and produce low noise as you type, you get improved productivity and more eco-friendliness at the same time. 

5. Portable Bluetooth Solar-Powered Wireless Speaker System


Like to bring your music on the go?

With a solar-powered speaker, you can be outside all day and not have to worry about losing battery. While specific features can vary by brand, the speaker featured above is compatible with Bluetooth devices like Apple and Samsung devices and lets you listen to your playlist from over 30 feet away.

Waterproof, shockproof, and offering 50+ hours of playtime, this solar powered speaker is another must-have for solar enthusiasts!

6. Solar-Powered Motion Sensor Security Light


It’s less than 10 inches wide, but it doesn’t compromise on power!

The solar-powered outdoor security light shown here may fit in your hand, but it’s lights reach out 200 square feet (and even more when you have the 2 or 4 pack). It absorbs the sun’s energy throughout the day to work during the night or on cloudy days, is heat/weather resistant, and has a 3 year life span. 

Up your sense of security and contribute to a cleaner planet with one gift!

7. Solar-Powered Wireless Security Camera 


Solar powered security cameras like the camera above are waterproof, can be controlled remotely with your phone and have built-in infrared night vision for 24 hour security.

If you know someone looking to add clean energy to their home, this is one of the safest solutions available. 

Tip: If you’re looking to give a “bundle” gift, combine this with the solar-powered motion sensor security light!  

Bonus Solar Powered Gift Ideas:

Are you looking for a bigger gift that you can give as a group? Maybe you’re going in on a group gift for Dad?

If you know someone looking to make a bigger change by switching to solar power, here are two bonus gift ideas…

8. Solar Attic Fan

Solar Attic Fan

Looking for an amazing gift that will keep the home healthier and energy efficient all year long? A solar attic fan provides year-round ventilation that improves home comfort.

Unlike most rooms in the home, the attic has issues that often go unseen. A solar attic fan offers homeowners a way to fight air quality issues that they often don’t even know about. A solar powered attic fan pushes stale, warm air out and allows fresh cool air to circulate within, creating a much healthier attic. You can learn about the different Solar Attic Fan options here!

9. Solar Hybrid Systems (Solar Generators)

Solar Hybrid Systems 

Solar Hybrid Systems (sometimes called “Solar Generators”) allow homeowners to power their appliances and devices using energy from the sun. Printers, microwave ovens, and even some medical devices can become solar powered when you use a Solar Hybrid System. 

For those looking to make a positive impact on the planet with their entire home, these systems help you reduce pollution that is often generated by electricity. Click here to learn more about these systems! 

How to make a bigger positive impact

If you value clean energy and want to learn more about using solar power, green energy, and environmentally friendly products, contact us here and find out how you can create a cleaner and healthier environment within your home!