Can We Accept An Inconvenient Truth?

An Inconvenient Truth, is the 2006 Academy Award winning documentary about climate change and the ominous state of our planet. For some, it was a frightening wake-up call; for others, a sad reaffirmation of what they already feared…our planet is in trouble.

Here we are, eight years later, but despite advances in our collective ecological knowledge, our planet, the human, animal and plant life that inhabit it, its beautiful waterways and once abundant natural resources, remain in danger of destruction or extinction. Although many businesses say they care, their actions say differently. But, there are exceptions. There are companies continuing to exhibit an unconditional long-term commitment to the environment.

All of us should care about the environment and the world we are leaving behind for the generations that follow. Moving forward, it’s important to seek and engage ecology driven companies, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to provide us with cost-effective, ecofriendly solutions. These companies are constantly developing products designed to provide alternative energy solutions, make our homes more comfortable and energy efficient, lower utility fees, and protect the environment.

yellowblue is one of those companies.

Simply put: yellowblue Eco Tech gets-it. They are aware of one very convenient truth: the sun can one day power our entire planet. More importantly, yellowblue is ready to help us move toward that goal… one home … one day …one step at a time. Their philosophy supports the principle that green is not just a current trend or something that can wait to be addressed in the future. They realize this is the future. It is this eco-driven consciousness that serves as the impetus behind their mission. The company’s commitment to provide progressive, environmentally responsible American-made products and services, to consumers is undeniable. Their dedication is further evident via products that carry some of the best warranties in the industry today. So if you are seeking a convenient solution to an inconvenient truth remember: yellowblue. They truly are The New Green.