• seal-and-insulate

    Importance of Sealing and Insulating

    What’s so important about my attic? Per Energy Star, if you are looking to save energy and make your home more comfortable, the attic should be your number one priority. Spaces such as outlets, switch fixtures and smoke detectors can leave room for air to come in from the first and second floor of your […]

  • Healthy Attic Quiz

    No matter what the season, the proper sealing and insulation of your attic will give you a healthier, cleaner, more comfortable and energy efficient home. Take our 10 question healthy attic quiz to see just how efficient your attic is! Do you notice a difference in temperature from room to room? Are some rooms in […]

  • ePOD – The Small Device That Makes A Big Difference

    By now, we should all be aware of energy efficiency and the importance of doing our part to make the world cleaner and greener for future generations.  Energy-efficiency remains a key component in achieving positive change.   There are many steps each of us can take toward becoming and remaining more energy efficient.  One of the […]

  • How to Quickly Improve Hot Water Heater Performance

    The lifespan of most hot water heating units is between 8 to 12 years according to Lowes Home Improvement.  Taking a few extra steps in caring for your water heater can not only extend its life cycle, but also keep it running more effectively and economically. Along with draining, cleaning, valve testing and rod examinations, […]

  • Harnessing the Sun’s Energy: Small Steps Toward Major Change

    Fact: The sun produces more energy in one day than our current population would consume in 27 years ( We know that the sun’s light provides a wealth of energy. The challenge nations across the globe continue to face relates to improving the harnessing of this energy. While there is no shortage of research regarding […]

  • Demystifying Solar Panels – The Choice for a Greener Tomorrow

    Many individuals, who genuinely believe in eco-friendly solutions, dismiss the idea of installing solar panels because the process is thought to be too costly. If you’re among them, this article might encourage you to rethink your decision….and when you do, consider yellowblue. Solar equipment prices have become more competitive. Federal state and local governments have […]

  • Hot Water Heater Wraps

    Are you afraid of getting into hot water? Can you afford to stay there? Here is one way to tell. Simply put, it’s all in the touch. That’s the key to knowing if your hot water heater is efficiently insulated. A hot water heater that is warm to the touch may need insulation. Actually, it […]

  • Solar Home – The Latest Really is the Greatest

    The effects of climate change constantly manifest themselves. Traditional weather patterns continue to evolve, causing extreme temperature fluctuations from one day to the next. Extended heat waves, the severity of storms, droughts and other weather-related issues have critically impacted power grids and caused flooding, fires, icing, long-term power outages and physical destruction in their path. […]

  • Insulating Paints by Yellowblue: Easy and Efficient

    Improving comfort, minimizing utility fees and reducing your own personal carbon footprint are all excellent reasons to think about insulation. But installing traditional forms of insulation into the walls of an existing home can become very challenging. The most experienced experts often agree: it is almost impossible to guarantee the complete insulation of wall interiors. […]

  • Be Empowered: Understanding and Using the yellowblue Solar Powered Generator

    Many traditional sources of energy are nonrenewable, and several of these, such as coal, natural gas and propane are costly and being consumed at an alarming rate. As a result, eco-conscience individuals are using solar powered generators more readily. The most versatile of these generators is the yellowblue Solar Powered Generator with Sine Wave Inverter. […]